Peterborough is a small city which is located in Southeastern Ontario in Canada. It is one of the only communities in the province that offers the best of urban, rural, and lakeside livelihood. The incredibly blue and magnificent Otonabee River runs through the city and ultimately provides the best kind of water sports. Known as the ‘Getaway to the Kawarthas’ and the ‘Cottage Country’, it is considered a major recreational region of Ontario. It is also called the ‘Electric City’ because it is known to be the first town in the entire country to start using electric streetlights.

Peterborough offers an exceptional quality of life to all its citizens which is a mix between peace and comfort with clean air and farm-fresh commodities. However, if you are curious about what the city can offer you, then this article is especially for you. We have enlisted everything that you need to know before settling into this small cottage city.

If you’re considering whether to live in Peterborough, Ontario then here is a list of all the things that you can expect when you settle in the city.

  1. Lower Cost of Living.
  2. Beautiful, Serene and Scenic.
  3. Lively Downtown.
  4. So close to Kawarthas!
  5.  High-Quality, Free Education
  6. Readily Available Healthcare
  7.  Short Commute.
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